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Small business owners understand that in the current technological climate, a company’s web presence can truly be one of the most important aspects of the business. DirectoryBug understands this, and this is why the professionals at DirectoryBug work with each business owner to optimize their web presence.

DirectoryBug is a premier, global internet marketing company that provides services such as local SEO citations, SEO auditing, business directory listings, and more! DirectoryBug knows what it takes to get seen on the web, and they use the most up-to-date SEO techniques to create, tweak, and perfect each customer’s ideal web presence.

DirectoryBug even offers local search marketing, which helps companies connect with potential customers in a geo-specific location to increase web traffic and sales. DirectoryBug will also help clients perfect existing online web presences through SEO auditing. Additionally, DirectoryBug helps create and place superior business directory listings.


Unlike other companies that may charge an ongoing fee, or fees for unapproved directory listing submissions, DirectoryBug operates on a one-time charge for approved directory listings only. DirectoryBug also only creates directory listings for the highest quality business directory sites, and they only create listings for unique sites that clients are not already featured on.

They work with companies to incorporate the most effective SEO citations in top-of-the-line business directories; they even work to include visuals, such as logos, into applicable listings! DirectoryBug realizes that no two businesses are the same, and therefore the online marketing solutions they provide are tailored to work for each client individually; whether clients are looking for professionally written Web 2.0 marketing strategies, or just concise business descriptions, DirectoryBug knows how to make each word, listing, and web visit effective. For more information on DirectoryBug, and how the professionals can help advertise your business online through an improved and effective web search presence, contact them today.

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